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RAKUGO to the world!

About  RAKUGO Association of America
We will transform "Japanese RAKUGO" into "Global RAKUGO" and bring smiles and Japanese culture to the world.


Our activities

1. We create RAKUGO from Japanese Rakugo based on the culture of each region and spread RAKUGO to the world.

2. We bring smiles to the faces of people of all ages and nationalities through RAKUGO performances both in Japanese and English.

3. Through RAKUGO classes, we educate people about the Japanese language and culture.

4. We contribute to Japanese and English language education through RAKUGO

5. We train young performers to spread RAKUGO to the world.


Become a member!

To bring wonderful Japanese laughter and culture to the world. Please help us to support the RAKUGO Association of America, which is working to achieve this goal.


Yanagiya Tozaburo, the president of RAA, have obtained the first American Artist VISA in the history of Rakugo and moved to New York, USA, to promote Japan's proud comedy "らくご(落語)" as "RAKUGO" to the world.
I have been active in Japan for 20 years, promoted to Shin-uchi and awarded the 2016 Rookie/New Artists Award in the category of popular entertainment (The 71st the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan National Arts Festival).
My life from now on will be a challenge in the world and I will live my life as a Japanese cultural conductor.

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