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Fri, Apr 14


Morrison & Foerster

Yanagiya Tozaburo Brings Rakugo to the Bay Area

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Yanagiya Tozaburo Brings Rakugo to the Bay Area
Yanagiya Tozaburo Brings Rakugo to the Bay Area

日時・場所 / Time

Apr 14, 2023, 5:00 PM GMT-7

Morrison & Foerster, 755 Page Mill Rd bldg a, Palo Alto, CA 94304 アメリカ合衆国

イベントについて / Event


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Date & Time:

April 14, 2023

5:00-5:30 Registration

5:30-5:35 Welcome, Shu Kuboki  |  Intern  Japan Society of Northern California & Student, UC Berkeley

5:35-5:40 Yanagiya Tozaburo | Rakugo 101

5:40-6:00 The Zoo (動物園)  Rakugo in English

6:00-6:05 Koto Performance  | Makiko Kawabe

6:05-6:25 Toki Soba (時そば)  Rakugo in Japanese (English Subtitle)

6:25-6:35  Q&A

6:35-6:40 Closing | Keijiro Hora, Executive Director, Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Northern California

**This program is part of the Traditional Arts in Modern Japan series**

Rakugo  is the 400 year old tradition of comedic storytelling in Japan. A  minimalistic performance, Rakugo features a lone storyteller dressed in a  kimono, kneeling on a zabuton (cushion), while using only a fan and a  hand towel for props. They entertain the audience with a comical  monologue followed by a traditional story.

We are honored to present Tozaburo Yanagiya,  a master Rakugo storyteller with the drive to spread the word of Rakugo  across America! Tozaburo has been performing all over Japan since 1999  and the United States since 2018. Don't miss your chance to experience a  new type of comedic performance and learn about Japanese culture all in  one night.

One story will be in Japanese, the rest will be in English.


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